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Need some protection? Store and carry your precious record collection in style with one of our premium vinyl storage products! Shop with us and get 30 day easy returns and free shipping on all orders over $150.


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Buyer’s Guide for Vinyl Storage

Whether it’s a meticulously catalogued custom shelf full of classics or simply just a milk crate for your dad’s old LPs from the shed, it’s important to know how to store your vinyl collection carefully to ensure the longevity of your precious records. While there’s definitely some classic go-to options for seasoned vinyl enthusiasts that we’ll touch on, in this day and age, it’s incredibly easy to find wallet-friendly storage solutions that’ll satisfy even the pickiest of interior design tastes.

Firstly, it’s incredibly important to know how to properly store your records, and that means no stacking. As edgy as it may look to have a bunch of records stacked sky-high in your bedroom corner, it’s worth remembering that vinyl is quite fragile, and stacking them vertically is bound to provide unnecessary stress on their precious grooves. It’s always a good idea to either arrange your records next to each other horizontally, like you would a book, or leaning upon one another so you can easily flick through them – if you’re stuck, visit your local record shop for some inspiration.

As far as storage goes, many vinyl enthusiasts swear by IKEA’s Kallax wooden shelving range, offering perfect dimensions to compliment 12” LPs and coming in a variety of sizes to suit any listening environment – although any kind of modular, cube shelf will do the trick fine. For something a bit more left-field, companies like Can-Am offer drawer-style LP storage cabinets to allow for browsing, with plenty of room on top to place your hi-fi setup.

If you’re on a tighter budget or own a smaller collection, many companies sell nifty little LP baskets or crates, usually constructed of durable steel and wire and fitting anywhere from 25-50 records. Similarly, milk crates will work just fine if you’re in a pinch or even the space between your speakers. Just remember, vinyl addiction is a serious affliction, and there’s a good chance you’ll have to upgrade your storage method within no time. Happy browsing!